Thursday, 24 January 2013

'made by mabsie' bibs for bubs!

Hey guys!

Welcome to 'made by mabsie'! We're all about providing the best hand-made and home-made goodies for kids and bubs!

Here's our first venture with bibs for bubs!

All bibs are made from 100% cotton on at least one side with absorbent foam inserted within. All stitching has been reinforced, every bib is reversible and most importantly, each and every one of them has been hand-made with love!

Here are the pricing details:
1 for $9
2 for $16
3 for $21
Any additional from 4 onwards at $7 each

Pricing does not include charges for postage and handling.

To order, send us an e-mail with your order details to

Looking forward to hearing from you!